Behind The Scenes on Summer In 3D

posted March 31st, 2010 at 7:36 pm

by Josh Martn

Kenny Chesney takes you behind the scenes for the making of Summer In 3D:

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  • vicki weber

    I have seen this video yesterday on http://WWW.Kenny Chesney.COM!He did an awesome job with this video clip and i will see this movie when it comes to the movie theatre near my home!

  • claude d.

    lookin great . cant wait go kenny!

  • jodi c

    i just watch the viedo and i thought it was wonderful he did a nice job so kept up the good work

  • jodi chesney

    it was wonderful job i thought it was great good job

  • ????

    Vicki I actually saw it first before you did ;-)

  • vicki weber

    ????,I am not going to start this with you,You need to back off and leave me alone,I am not starting in on your comments so do not star in on mine.Mind your own business.You are the next person that is being stupid and pathetic so leave me alone,Stick your comment in your neverland world with you and shut up already! My comments are none of your business B—-!!!!!!!Don’t comment me back because your comments to me are nothing but trash to me just like you.YOU BACK OFF?

  • vicki weber

    ????,By the way you did not see this first before me!There are alot of people all over this world who has seen this on You Tube,You do not know who actually seen this first,Kenny Chesney himself and his family and his friends may have seen this first since he did this for You Tube!You do not know anything about this at all or who has seen this first,You had no right at all contacting me on this article at all,You leave me alone,AND YOU BACK OFF!!!!!!


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