Kenny Chesney iPhone App Available Now!

posted February 22nd, 2010 at 12:02 am

by Josh Martn

The official Kenny Chesney iPhone app is now available in the iTunes app store!

Kenny Chesney teased it earlier from his Twitter and Facebook accounts, and it hit the app store on Sunday evening, rather than Monday. (We first reported on the app back in January)

Here’s Kenny describing the features:

Be sure to leave us a comment with your thoughts on the app.

Here’s the full description from the app page:

With the official Kenny Chesney app, fans can interact with Kenny and each other like never before! This FREE app brings together one of the most successful artists of the last decade and the most cutting edge technology available to give fans an experience that is unique to the iPhone.

Features include:

No Shoes Radio: Get live streaming access to No Shoes Radio, Kenny’s internet (and now mobile) radio station! Fans can access Kenny’s musical world beyond his hits and “capture the vibe at the tailgate parties, the backstage hallways and the unguarded moments on his tour.” No Shoes Radio includes live performances, dressing room jams and tunes from Kenny’s iPod ranging from reggae, classic and contemporary rock and everything in between. With a set of headphones or a cheap audio cord, you’re ready to take No Shoes Radio with you around town, on your stereo, in your car, on your boat… Wherever you roam, your soundtrack on No Shoes Radio is coming too.

Touring: View tour dates, purchase tickets, invite friends to come along, use the iPhone GPS to get directions and even set your own countdown.

Merchandise: Browse official Kenny Chesney items, from t-shirts to stickers and guitar picks, and buy them with ease.

News: Get the latest info on all things Kenny, including exclusive updates and links to Kenny’s official Facebook, and MySpace.

Twitter: Track updates to Kenny’s personal Twitter account, access the No Shoes Radio tweets, and read what other Kenny fans are tweeting about. The app comes complete with an integrated Twitter client, so you can tweet directly from the app with your personal account… without interrupting No Shoes Radio. Jump in and join in the conversation!

Media: See the latest photos and videos from Kenny and listen to your favorite Chesney hits. Check out the fan photos and your Kenny cover songs from YouTube. You can also purchase music and videos direct through the iTunes store.

There are many more features and surprises for you to discover in the Official Kenny Chesney app.

As a gift to the incredible fans who make the music possible, we invite you to share Kenny’s favorite music on No Shoes Radio, customize your background to make the app your own, and enjoy the many features and functions on one of the most innovative apps around… All for free.

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  • Nick Nicol

    Great App!!!!! I now can listen to Kenny while fishing or on the beach. I also love the ringtones and the touring schedule and the pictures and the…..
    Well I like it all.
    Thanks Kenny!!!

  • Kay

    Oh! Loved Kenny’s demo! Now CW will have to have an app!

  • Kristi R

    Oh…only if I had an iphone. :(

  • Lynn18

    You can also use the app with the ipod touch. Then you don’t have to wait to renew your contract on your phone. Just get an ipod touch and you can use the app on it along with tones of other features. Has to be the ipod touch.
    Great idea Kenny. You’re marketing skill are fabulous along with everything else you touch!!! ;~)

  • ????

    Remember the i-touch only works with wifi so if your planning on buying one to use everywhere it won’t work unless you have internet in your car just FYI.

  • lynn18

    you are right, I tried it on mine. I’m not sure if it will even work. Will let you guys know when I play with it more. I read on one of the sites that it would. But, not sure… And I have the newest ipod touch. So I will let you all know.

  • ????

    It does work and the app will work but you will have to be near a wifi signal. The only way to have both is the i-phone which gives you internent access automatically since your paying. Think about it if that was the case then why not just by an i-touch for eveything and since you wouldn’t have a monthly bill. The i-touch is basically an i-phone without a built-in internet provider. It can access the internent but only if you have providing signal. I wanted to to buy one to leave in my car and leave my phone separates because its hard to use the phone part of it when using the app. It shuts off automatically when your leave the KC home page. No luck. Hope this helps.

  • Angie

    This is AWESOME!!


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