Chesney Teases iPhone App, Out Tomorrow!

posted February 21st, 2010 at 4:57 pm

by Josh Martn

We reported on it last month, and now the wait is nearly over. On Monday, Kenny Chesney will release his own official iPhone/iTouch app for free through the Apple iTunes App Store.

“The sun and the sand in the palm of your hand” is the phrase posted on a teaser image here. It was sent out Sunday afternoon on Kenny’s Twitter and Facebook.

This promises to be a very rich app. Looking at the pictures, it will include the ability to play No Shoes Radio, information on the tour and ticket sales, an online store, media, and news.

The image also shows a “connect” option with the Twitter symbol, and since tweets have been sent from the app, there will apparently be built-in support for tweeting straight from the app.

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  • RumShopRyan

    Awesome. Would love to be able to listen to NSR on my phone.

  • sosilly

    Nice pic of Kenny………….:)
    He looks so serious

  • Kay

    Woo hoo! Love the pic of KC!

  • Tracy

    Glad to see you got your UT shirt on Kenny!! Go Vols!!

  • Deb

    Love it, Kenny’s all VOL!!!!!

  • Jenny

    Don’t need this, don’t have that phone. I have a typical flip camera phone but I don’t text and I hardly use the camera, I only use it for voice calls & occasionally add self created ringtones. I have a regular digital camera that’s hq and I use a computer for everything because it’s better. Plus I’m not straining my eyes as much.

    I listen to No Shoes Radio online as much as possible.

  • Sam

    Heck Yes!!!!

  • Sharon

    Why just the I phone Why not the I Touch too

  • lynn18

    It says the ipod touch will work, but it seems that no one can get it to work. I’m gonna keep playing with mine till I figure it out. I will let you guys know. Hope for the best :~)


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