Kenny Chesney iPhone App Coming Soon?

posted January 29th, 2010 at 1:31 am

by Josh Martn

Late Thursday night a tweet was sent from the official No Shoes Radio Twitter account.

There are a variety of ways to tweet messages, from the web, desktop applications like TweetDeck and Seesmic, or mobile applications like UberTwitter and Tweetie. Along with the message and the time it was sent, each tweet says from what source it was sent.

The interesting thing about this tweet is that it says it was sent from the Kenny Chesney iPhone App:

So it looks like iPhone users will soon have an official Kenny Chesney iPhone app. What do you hope is in the app?

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  • Thomas

    Hopefully No Shoes Radio for one!

  • Garth Brooks In A Skirt

    I hope it has NSR.

  • Garth Brooks In A Skirt

    And a Twitter function… that would be rad.

  • Kay

    sweeet! what an eagle eye, josh!

  • slicknscroll

    i clicked on that part that says kenny chesney iphone app…it brought me to itunes page with everything about him…interesting !!

  • RumShopRyan

    Very cool! I’ll get it. I have my own iphone app too! Search itunes for RumShopRyan and that’s me. Sorry for the shameless plug.

  • cv

    no shoes radio, does anyone know what happened to no shoes radion on itunes, its now gone from the island category,


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