Full Details on No Shoes Radio in Miami for Super Bowl

posted January 28th, 2010 at 5:04 pm

by Josh Martn

No Shoes Radio has posted the full details for their broadcasts from Miami during Super Bowl week (next week):

“I try to bring the fans into my music… into my life,” says Kenny. “The cool part about No Shoes Radio is it puts people right in the vibe of my life, what we’re listening to… where we’re going… what the moments might hold.”

And from February 2-4, look for NSR to go live for a few hours a day from poolside at the legendary Surfcomber to bring the vibe that is the pre-party anticipation. Exact times are being worked out – and will be updated as they lockdown on www.noshoesradio.com, Twitter and Facebook — but tentatively are 5-7 pm EST on Tuesday and 11 am – 2 pm on Thursday and then starting at 8 pm on Wednesday and going live straight until Uncle Kracker takes the stage.

“Miami is strictly VIP, invitation only,” says Chesney. “But we’re gonna take my friends – by way of No Shoes Radio – to hang out. There’ll be people stopping by… a party going on… and all of the post-long-day-in-the-sun vibe that is South Beach in full swing. I can’t get you in, but that doesn’t mean I can’t bring you along.”

No word as to whether Chesney will make the pool party or not, “which I hate, because I took a year off form the big tours to be able to do this kind of stuff… and I know this one’s gonna rock.” So perhaps even Chesney will be tuning in via his own radio station.

“Kracker’s new album is awesome,” Chesney explains, “and anyone who saw us when he was out on the road knows that Matt is a great entertainer. He knows how to rock and also to have fun with it. If I don’t get there, I’m gonna be bummed… but these movies are a lot more work than you think!”

Be sure to tune in next week at www.noshoesradio.com!

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  • sosilly

    Will be really shocked if Kenny is not there, this 3D project must be really taking all his time!!

  • Dawn

    Traded a tour for a movie – hmm, what would you choose?

    So am I to understand that if I drive down from WPB, I won’t get in? Bummer…


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