Kenny Chesney 2009 Year In Review

posted December 31st, 2009 at 1:42 am

by Josh Martn

2009 was another big year for Kenny Chesney as he headlined one of the top tours in the country, released a greatest hits album, and took two singles to number one.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from 2009:

Sun City Carnival Tour

  • Chesney has the 6th biggest tour of the year, selling $71.1 million tickets according to Pollstar
  • Over 1 million tickets sold again this year
  • 59 concerts held, including several NFL stadiums
  • In March, Kenny played several “Keg” shows at small venues in Panana City, Tuscaloosa, Key West, and Nashville to gear up for the main tour
  • Several celebrities were in attendance at the Key West show including New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, and NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
  • The Frisco, TX concert on May 2nd was canceled mid-show due to severe thunderstorms. Kenny played a makeup show on May 17th and personally picked up the tab
  • The CMA Music Festival at LP Field in Nashville closed out with a midnight performance by Kenny on June 14th
  • On September 15th, Kenny announced that he would not do a major tour in 2010

Awards & Nominations

  • Chesney was nominated for his first ever Grammy, but doesn’t win. His performance of “Better As A Memory” is also his first Grammy performance
  • Though nominated several times, Kenny went home empty-handed from the ACM, CMA, and CMT Awards
  • In November, Chesney wins Top Tour Package award at the Billboard Touring Awards

Albums, Singles, Charts

  • Kenny and Mac McAnally take “Down The Road” to number one in mid-February
  • Greatest Hits II was released on May 19th and debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200
  • “Out Last Night” hit number one in mid-June. It was Kenny’s 19th number one
  • A new song entitled “This Is Our Time” is used during ESPN’s College Gameday


  • Kenny starred in a commercial for Corona. Watch the video
  • On April 14th, Kenny appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show along with other country stars
  • To help promote Greatest Hits II, Kenny appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman on May 19th. Watch the video
  • Kenny performed on Good Morning America on August 14th. Watch the video
  • Kenny’s “Austin City Limits” episode debuts on October 17th. Watch the episode
  • Dave Matthews joined Kenny Chesney at the CMA Awards in November to perform their duet “I’m Alive”. Watch the video
  • Kenny’s name gets dropped during the opening skit of Saturday Night Live on November 15th. Watch the video


  • In a Playboy interview in Februay, Kenny opens up about his personal life
  • Kenny received a key to the Playboy Club in Las Vegas in April
  • On March 26th Kenny turned 41 years old
  • In December, Kenny attended the Hollywood premiere of “Invictus”


So another year is in the books. What do you think was the biggest Kenny Chesney story of 2009? Leave your thoughts

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  • BJ

    What a year Kenny! How impressive, but then you are always giving, giving, giving of yourself to your fans. Thank you for a terrific year. Happy New Year and here’s hoping that in 2010 all your dreams come true!

    See ya at Hullabaloufest!

  • RumShopRyan

    I think his biggest news was that he wasn’t going to tour next year. I might just travel to Alabama to see him at that festival. Great year Kenny. Cheers.

  • Melonie

    Hands down, Kenny Chesney’s biggest moment in 2009, was redoing the show in Frisco, TX. The pictures of the sever storm reflects how Kenny performed with all heart and all soul for half the show, that would have been acceptable to most. But, not Kenny Chesney, and he did not just preform a redo show, he made it free for the fans. That shows more superior personal achievement in two days of one year than most ordinary men do in a lifetime. Well, we all know Kenny ain’t ordinary. He is extraordinary. Which he so well showed the world in 2009, by just being himself. a.k.a “Be As You Are” ~~ blessings to him and to his loved ones in 2010.

  • chesneychik

    What more can any of us say.. Melonie spoke the words from our hearts.I saw Kenny in Kansas City in May. AWESOME!!! I will be flying to were ever I need to to see him in 2010 untilthen I wish both Kenny and Amy all the best and much deserved rest and happiness.Kenny your the best,thank you for giving your fans so much. I’m a fan yesterday,today, and tomorrow. ONE LOVE


    Kenny I hope 2010 brings you everything you are looking for,and have missed while touring the years nonstop..We love you for it but hope you are enjoying your time off with friends and family. Will see you at Bamajam and Hullabaloufest… Take care and thanks for all the fun times at the concerts and more to come,,,,,,,Glad you came to Kentucky to get your puppies I am from Kentucky to cool..


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