Chesney Invited to Play in China

posted December 27th, 2009 at 2:43 am

by Josh Martn

On April 17th, 2010 the International Show of Peace will take place in China. It’s being billed as the largest globally televised concert event in the history of The People’s Republic of China:

The concert, which marks the 30th anniversary of the cultural exchange agreement between the United States and China, is billed in a statement as “a ‘peace is green’ awareness campaign designed to not only promote peace with each other but to promote peace with our planet.” It’s the brainchild of television and music producer Rick Garson, whose Las Vegas-based ZZYX Entertainment company is producing the show. Garson’s co-producers include Live 8 and Live Earth principal Greg Sills and artists manager Trudy Green (Michael and Janet Jackson, Mick Jagger, Aerosmith). Other organizations involved in the concert include the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, the Joint US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy, the United Nations’ Pathways of Peace and the Captain Planet Foundation.”

A number of artists have been invited to play, including Kenny Chesney, but there is no word yet on whether he will or has accepted the offer.

The event organizers will hold a press conference on January 13th to announce performers and other details.

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  • sosilly

    The only reason I could think he would not accept is scheduling conflict.
    Being that the 3D movie comes out in April (guess there is some premiers) and the rum is expected to be release sometime in the first quarter of 2010.

  • Josh

    Good points sosilly. April is sure to be a busy time

  • Trey

    I hope he accepts it. The concert would be fun and he’d have a blast in Beijing.


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