Chesney Co-Hosting Country Countdown USA this Weekend

posted November 20th, 2009 at 2:24 pm

by Josh Martn

Kenny Chesney will co-host Country Countdown USA this weekend with Lon Helton.

Lon asks Chesney about a moment during his CMA performance of “I’m Alive” that you may have missed. Kenny also gives his personal review of Tim McGraw’s new movie.

Visit for more info. The interview with Chesney will be posted there later in the week.

(hat tip to Rosi for passing this along)

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  • sosilly

    Good listen…..other then just the countdown
    Kenny seems really relaxed. He made some funny comments
    about Billy Currington and Dierks and their great hair
    Being jealous of Tim laying in bed with Sandra Bullock
    and how he think Jennifer Nettles is good looking.
    He simplified the reason for his time off being just to recharge mentally and creatively.
    He talked about how he loves what he does and will be back. I will say I had thought maybe no more big tours but maybe he will get recharged in 2010 and come back even better.

  • sosilly

    forgot……….he did tell Lon he has NO definite date for a release of his album in 2010. He had 15 songs and thought that was it and listened to it and listened to it again and said no.
    He said he has about 4 songs he really likes soooooo
    just a heads up


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