Chesney Tops USA Today Tour List

posted October 26th, 2009 at 11:59 pm

by Josh Martn

USA Today is out with their list of the top tours of 2009 and Kenny Chesney is tops in not just country, but in all genres:

“You know,” says Kenny of the honor, “to me, it’s about rocking the fans… and I never want to have a ticket price that keeps the people who buy my records or listen to my songs in their truck from coming out and partying with us. If I can make sure there are always seats people can afford – and even try to keep the best seats where they’re reasonable for what they are – then I feel like I can keep having the party of the summer when I go out. Again, to me, it’s about that moment and having fun with your buddies.

“And when you look at some of the other names on that list, well, I’m blown away… cause those are some great shows, too! I know – I’ve been out to see a few of them when we were off, and to be in company with Elton John – who’s out with Billy Joel –, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen or my friend Dave Matthews, it makes you extra grateful that people chose to make you a part of their summer.”

Billboard’s Touring Editor Ray Waddell noted that for seven straight years, Kenny’s sold above a million tickets sales. Even on his shortest tour to date and charging the lowest ticket prices of any major headliner, he was also the only act on the list to play NFL Stadiums across the nation.

“I don’t think anyone sets up their concert schedule or their ticket prices thinking, ‘I’m gonna be the biggest tour on the road,” Kenny says. “But these are the moments that confirm what I already know: I have the best, wildest, most committed fans any artist could ever hope for. I like to think I live their lives with’em through my songs, and they’ve made my last 8 summers the best of a very, very good life by coming out to the shows they way they do.”

Read the full article here.

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  • RumShopRyan


  • heather

    That is great Kenny CONGRATS!

  • vicki weber

    This is very good news kenny,Congrats to you?

  • Denise roebuck

    ONE more year!!!!!! Or make it a tradition! KU

  • sosilly

    According to the site here, he did 59 dates, but the press is saying he did the least amount of dates this time.
    I am confused, 59 dates IS the lowest amount of shows he has done since 2002?


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