Kenny Chesney Caption Contest

posted September 27th, 2009 at 10:30 pm

by Josh Martn

The tour is over and the Kenny Chesney news has slowed down, so it’s a perfect time for another Kenny Chesney Caption Contest!

Come up with your own funny caption for this picture and post it in the comments.

After a couple of days we’ll choose a few of the best and put them in a poll for everyone to vote on their favorite.

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  • Sarah

    He is obviously pointing at me saying, “I wanna go home with you tonight!”

  • Timmy rhodes

    Who’s the big star now bitch?!

  • Joy

    I want you to join the kenny fan club..

  • Stephanie

    All Of Ya Back Off Entertainer Of The Year Is Mine Again!!

  • Chris

    “Pictures only….no video!!”

  • hannah

    ”i want you to come home with me tonight ”

  • hannah

    ” i need your vote. ”

  • Joey Curtis

    The ACM’s didn’t get it right, but the CMA’s WILL!!!!!

  • Billy

    “Hey does the hat on this award look familiar guys?”

  • Debbie

    You’re mine now Carrie Underwood, I want my ACM title back!!!

  • Jamie

    You had me from, “And the Winner is”

  • Debbie

    I’m more than a memory and I’ll see you soon!

  • Kristie

    Hey you, yeah you, this one is for you:)

  • Tammy

    And you said I wouldn’t make it !

  • Roberta

    Suntanning with this reflector just ain’t working

  • Rose

    Hey Carrie….How many Football stadiums have you sold out?

  • vicki weber

    It is my year off and i have won my years worth of awards tonight?

  • Kristen

    I WANT YOU… To see my show!

  • Lisa K.

    Hey you…ya you…your busted…no tapin’ here buddy

  • Michele

    That blonde over there – she’s the one who tried to steal this away from me again

  • Lisa K.

    Ya I knew it…girl, those belong to that DD bra that was thrown at me in Gillette…”baby, can I have YOUR autograph”

  • Judi P

    “Hey,I see a red light blinking on that camera.
    They are taking video!”

  • Brandi C.

    Love ya! Thanks to the BEST fans an entertainer could ever ask for!

  • Denise roebuck

    Help, am I going to hit the wall? I can’t see.

  • Sharon Banks

    Hey You! Come get you some of this Baby!

  • jenny meade

    In your face Carrie!

  • tiffany wade

    This is for you FANS!! The best fans anyone could ask for “BE AS YOU ARE!”

  • Christine

    I’ll see you at the NSR Hooters happy hour show.

  • Jennifer

    Thank YOU fans for giving me this award!

  • Marion

    Your the ONE, I love you Baby! Thanks

  • Nicole

    This pirate is not going down without a fight!

  • Gary

    You like my double Corona bottle opener?

  • Lynette

    Hey Carrie, you may have won EOTY at the ACM’s, but you’re not going to win EOTY at the CMA’s!! EOTY is ALL MINE!!!!!

  • Tammi

    I can’t go there!

  • stacy


  • Lisa

    Here’s to you MOM & Tennessee!

  • Wesley

    Hey Kanye! You wanted to say something?!

  • Maribeth

    I will see you in a year!!

  • murphee

    Tambo, this is what will open that giant Corona bottle at the next tailgate.

  • sosilly

    STOP!!! Step away from the video camera sloooowly……
    We all know he does not like video………….lol

  • Mary Lou

    Carrie, this one is mine, thanks for that beautiful smile, but you’re blinding me!! Love u too!

  • Thanks to you !!!!

    Thanks to you !!!! Is the caption I want to add.

    Thank you, Kim Bloom

  • Lois

    Yo, Kanye… yeah, I earned this one… just chill, man!

  • Heidi

    Yes. I love you too baby!

  • CarlaMarie

    Stay right were you are Kane.

  • CarlaMarie

    I just wanna lay you down.

  • cheryl

    This one is for you Cheryl,
    I’ll be back before you miss me.. !!!!!!

  • Eve

    I swear man, when you hold this award at this angle and squint real hard, it sort of looks like Batman.

  • Tracy

    This is because of you guys, Thank You!!!

  • Kimmy

    I want to see all of YOU in the Caribbean with me and no shoes, no shirts and no problems~~

  • sillygirl

    See that chick in the front row . . . yeah, third one over . . . if ya look straight down my arm and hold it juuuuust right . . . it looks like she’s wearing Yosemite Sam’s hat!

  • mike

    “The Few, The Proud, The Chesheads! Come join us……”

  • mike

    “Did you take my Keg?”

  • Donna

    Your right man I could use a pina colada and a little bit of sun on my skin!

  • sillygirl

    I can’t figure out if this is an award or if it’s the biggest bottle opener I’ve ever seen . . . sweet!

  • lynn18

    Hey my bus isn’t for sale., Who says I’m not gonna come back to the stage?!

  • EVE

    kenny says I am the man in black and I will soon be back..

  • Becca

    R U Ready for 2011, I will be back and the BEST IS YET TO COME!! Oh and Carrie I am the Entertainer of the Year.

  • Jtown_Dave

    Kanye West, sit back down pal. This is my time!!

  • Christine Cerra

    Sit down Kanye West!!

  • Heather


  • jackie

    To You the Fans you are #1 without you I would not be holding this :)

  • Robin

    Can I trade this for Shania?

  • Paul

    Interupt me Kayne and see where I stick this!!

  • RumShopRyan

    Do Not Drink my beer!

  • amy

    “As for me, I’d like to thank my lucky stars that I’m alive and well.”

  • Kevin

    You, turn the lights back on…no wait it’s my hat!!

  • Anita

    I got you Babe!!

  • Trish H.

    Kayne….SIT DOWN….. Don’t mess with this Caribean Cowboy, got it dude?

  • Melissa

    Time to get er done!

  • jodi

    me and you and the cma awards but i still had you from hello

  • katie ayers

    hey kanye,pick on someone your own size and leave the females alone

  • katie ayers

    kenny is tellin kanye to leave his friend taylor swift alone

  • katie ayers

    kenny says you want to be pantsd like tim did to someone at his concert

  • chesgold

    “And it’s you the fans who made this happen. “Because of your love” “You save me.” Somebody take me home”, “back where I come from”. Just “Me and you”.

  • katie ayers

    for all my fans coronas and margaritas on the house and have a ball

  • Paula Johnson

    Lets see Kanye take this from ME!!!

  • Kathy

    First I want to thank my Mom and Dad for having sex!! And one more thing I want to thank my friends at Chesneyworld for being the greatest Kenny fans!!!

  • Lorenzo

    Hey you!! Put that Corona down! It’s mine!! What did you do with my lime?

  • katie ayers

    this award is dedicated to the drunk girls on a dare while me and the guys went out last night

  • Barb

    Hey You! Give me the video camera now! No Videos!!

  • Mary

    “Don’t worry….I’ll Be Back Soon!”

  • Brian

    Ill be back soon and take back what is mine

  • Amy

    She thinks my Trophy is Sexy.

  • OneBigCHESnut

    Sit down Kanye….. Carrie did NOT have a better video.

  • janet

    “That’s why I’m here”! “you had me from hello” and “all I need to know” is “when I think about leaving” should I go “back where I come from”, “in a small town”, “somewhere in the sun” and “live those songs” sitting in my “old blue chair” drinking “beer in Mexico”, eating “key lime pie”, wondering if this is “how forever feels” when I’m an “island boy” and not “living in fast forward” for “the first time” in a long time, in the “summertime”. It’s “what I need to do”.

  • sillygirl

    Holy shit! I’ve won like five of these and I JUST realized the damn thing’s a HAT . . . check it out man!

  • Loretta

    I told you so!!!!! I’m unbeatable and loving it.

  • Jeremy

    Here’s to 9 years of Tailgatin’. I’ll see YOU down at Woody’s in Cruz Bay!! THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!

  • JC

    I WANT YOU to know that I’LL BE BACK!!! AND THAT’S A PROMISE!!

  • Lauren

    We’re gonna party like pirates tonight!!

  • sherry

    i’ll see you in 2011!

  • Melinda

    Hey You! Give it back. That’s my award and my Corona!

  • EJ


  • Serena

    Who Loves Ya Baby!

  • Holly

    “Hey, back off Kayne..Don’t even THINK about taking my award from me! I’ll fight for it!”

  • kevin branagan


  • Gordon

    Got It! Now it’s time to rest.

  • Dawn Carroll

    I crown thee Sir Kenny of the Chesney!!

  • Elizabeth

    I’ma let you finish my corona. I’ve got a fresh cold one right here.

  • Jacki

    I AM THE MAN!! Have you seen my tickets sales? I told you..My fans are the BEST…Here’s looking at all of You!!!!

  • Jacki

    I knew you thought “MY Tractor’s Sexy”!!

  • Barb

    You! Hand over the video camera now!

  • Eve

    Kanye, don’t even think about it.

  • katie ayers

    i will truley miss all my fans,all your support means alot to mean and i want to know not to be sad ill be back just need to take a break to write songs and to refresh

  • Trish H.

    To My Fans,

    I Love You.

  • Peggy

    You! I owe it all to YOU KCOFC members! Special members only party/concert in 2010!


    I dedicate this award to YOU… all of YOU……my Fans. Thank you for requesting my music, for purchasing my cds, for selling out my concerts, for joining my fan club and supporting me with my decision to take a tour break. I won’t forget you and I hope you never forget me. Thank you all and I love you!!!

  • Leftedge

    “Either you put that video camera away or your ass will be as black as this hat and as blue as my chair!”

  • Melissa

    Kanye West this one is not for you!

  • katie ayers

    thank all my fans for all their support makin the desicion on a year off was a very hard desicion to make but i want ya all to know i love all my fans and ill see all of ya soon

  • EJ

    I told you “THE SUN CITY CARNIVAL TOUR” would be a wild ride.

  • Gage Angle


  • Andrea Barras

    “Uncle Kenny wants you!”

  • Marsha Sue

    “YOU” think my tractor is sexy!

  • Bob

    Look at this,they made it to look like my!


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