“I’m Alive” Video to Debut Next Weekend

posted September 23rd, 2009 at 10:37 am

by Josh Martn

The music video for Kenny Chesney’s latest single “I’m Alive” will debut next weekend (Oct. 2-4) on CMT:

Set to begin Oct. 2, the videos will be featured throughout the weekend on CMT and CMT Pure and will be available the same day for free streaming exclusively on CMT.com. The videos include Carrie Underwood’s “Cowboy Casanova,” Tim McGraw’s “Southern Voice,” Kenny Chesney’s collaboration with Dave Matthews on “I’m Alive,” Keith Urban’s “Hit the Ground Runnin’,” Sugarland’s “Keep You,” Reba McEntire’s “Consider Me Gone,” Miranda Lambert’s “White Liar,” Billy Currington’s “That’s How Country Boys Roll” and Michelle Branch’s “Sooner or Later.”

Many of the videos will be introduced by the artists during segments created especially for the weekend.

Much of the footage for the video was taken at the NFL stadium shows, but some clips will be from the smaller keg shows that were played before the official start of the tour. Black and white photos of Chesney and Dave Matthews will be incorporated into the video.

“Shaun (Silva) and his guys have really been shooting this tour, but beyond the obvious stuff, they’ve been trying to capture who I am when I’m not on that stage or meeting people,” explains Chesney. “And there are a lot of times out there where I am thinking about all that’s happened, how we got here and what this music means, not just to me because to me it’s my life, but to the unbelievable fans who come out… how they get through stuff in their lives through these songs.”

“Somebody said to me that it’s been a long time since anyone’s seen my soul in one of these clips,” Chesney states. “And you know, they may be right… because you get so caught up in the energy, in the show, in the good times of these songs, why would you go there. But for this song, well, it just seemed like the right thing to do, and Shaun and his guys really captured the essence of who I am.”

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    I can’t wait. I sure the video will be great because all of his other are video are amazing.


    sorry i got carried away there let me fix my spelling

    I can’t wait. I sure the video will be great because all of his other videos are amazing.

  • vicki weber

    I can’t wait to see this “I’m Alive” video myself.And my brother has a Birthday on October 2nd,he was born on October 2nd,1961 he will be turning 48
    years old.My Birthday will be coming up on December 12th,I was born on December 12th,1962.I will be turning 47 years old.Anyway,I am going to see kenny kenny’s I’m Alive video on CMT.This is going to be an awesome video?

  • Melonie Boring

    this one helped me walk on
    after two other Chesney songs got me off my knees..so lookin forward to this tgift.

  • able2fly2004

    I have an industry inside track. Have seen the video. Doesn’t seem like a Shaun Silva video. Didn’t feel like one of his. Lots of concert footage. Many shots of a pensive, deep in thought Kenny. For the Dave Matthews’ parts they tried to do the same photo effect as Trey Fanjoy did in Troubadour but theirs did not come out like that. This will fall more into the line of low production like the last two. Apparently the days of a storyline in the video are gone.


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