Rain Doesn’t Stop The Carnival In Syracuse

posted August 29th, 2009 at 12:46 am

by Josh Martn

Kenny Chesney performed at the New York State Fair in Syracuse on Friday night to nearly 16,000 fans. Syracuse.com has a review of the show: “It’s a good time in the rain with Kenny Chesney at the New York State Fair Grandstand”

Right after he had the almost-capacity crowd of about 16,000 swaying to his feel-good summer song “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem,” country music star Kenny Chesney shared an honest-as-it gets moment with the fans at the state fair’s Mohegan Sun Grandstand on Friday night.

“Anybody who watches TV knows that the whole world has problems,” Chesney said. “Serious ones. We ain’t going to solve a single one of them tonight.”

No, it was a night for singing along in the rain to songs that Chesney’s delivered to the world to see them rocket to the top of the country charts.

The moment he took the stage, Chesney took the familiar pose that’s worked its way into hearts and minds. Blue-jeaned legs apart. Sleeveless arms around the microphone. Bent-side-brimmed cowboy hat perched on his head.

And that distinctive voice of his rode a tasty wave put out by his 11-piece band.

Read the full review here.

News 10 has some video from the show. Watch it here

The Sun City Carnival Tour continues Saturday with a show at Nissan Pavilion in Bristow, VA. No Shoes Radio will broadcast live from 11am-1pm at Hooters in Manassas (8503 Rixlew Drive).

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  • vicki weber

    I agree with kenny chesney when he said “Anybody who watches TV knows that the
    whole world has problems”, “Serious ones. We ain’t going to solve a single one of them tonight.” Kenny is right about that.I am having to play “No Shoes,
    No Shirt,No Problem.” On my CD by kenny chesney.I live in Texas,with 3 kids.
    There is a “Wal-Mart store across the street from us.A woman has gotten stabbed in the back by her husband with a knife in front of customer’s and
    employee’s last week.I have even read in the Temple newspaper that this mother
    starved her new-born son to death.She is in jail for that.That husband is in jail to.But anyway,I am glad to hear that kenny chesney put on a good concert
    in syracuse for everyone that showed up.

  • vicki weber

    I want to comment that this woman that got stabbed in the back at this “Wal-
    Mart store” across the street from our home last week is in the hospital in
    Temple,Texas.She is still alive.I want everyone to know that.

  • Luen

    The show was AMAZING! I’ve got a couple of short video clips and photos that show the rain…it wasn’t just sprinkling it was coming down hard! He kept thanking us for being there in the rain. It’s probably one of the few conver venues in the country where the Grandstand seats are covered and the floor/track seats aren’t. Yay for the race track. Haha

  • vicki weber

    Josh,I hope that you get this comment sometime today.Kenny Chesney “Sound Stage” that was on PBS comes on GAC{Great American Country} tonight.{August 30th,2009}.I want you to know,and the kenny chesney fans like me to know.I am
    going to watch this show to.

  • Samoys

    lot about you


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