Kenny Chesney Caption Contest Winner: Denise

posted August 28th, 2009 at 3:49 pm

by Josh Martn

Congratulations to Denise for winning the latest Kenny Chesney Caption Contest!

We posted the below image last week and asked you to come up with your own caption for it:

Here was Denise’s winning caption:

“I said no video cameras!”

And here are the full results:

Thanks to all who submitted a caption and for all of you who voted! We’ll do another contest soon.

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  • vicki weber

    congradulations to you denise,you did it by winning.Good job?

  • sosilly

    congrats denise

  • Denise Roebuck

    Thanks guys…I am bragging right now!!!!. This was alot of fun for me…and made many contacts with new and old friends.

  • vicki weber

    You are wecome denise,this was fun for me,for you and for did a good job by winning.

  • vicki weber

    Correction;You are welcome denise,this was fun for me, for you and for did a good job by winning.


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