First Tweet from Official Chesney Twitter Account

posted July 30th, 2009 at 3:34 pm

by Josh Martn

We reported back in June that the official Twitter account for Kenny Chesney had been set up. At first it was @chesneyofficial but a week ago Chesney acquired his full name – @KennyChesney. And now the first tweet has been sent out:

The twitpic link takes you to a really cool shot of Kenny sitting next to Terry Francona in the Red Sox dugout.

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  • reetvk

    Bout time Kenny…Been waiting a life time fer ya’s…welcome…

  • sosilly

    I am confused… that an old pic? Kenny does not wear glasses anymore.
    Isn’t he out west getting ready for the Qwest show and the keg show sound check before?
    Guess he was not throwing out any pitches as he is wearing flip flops

  • Josh

    I’m sure that’s an old picture. But the second tweet I think is a picture from today:

    Picture link –

  • Renee Ingram

    Don’t matter when it was took, hes lookin’ good !!!

  • sosilly

    Him and that backpack………he reminds me of Jimmy…..always used to carry a backpack too.
    Guess he really likes that sign he does with his hand……
    He always looks like a coach the way he dresses and all he is missing is a whistle!!!
    I could see him running up and down the field coaching little league

  • vicki weber

    Can someone please tell me what a twitter is? This is something new to me. What is a twitter and where can i get a twitter at?

  • Josh
  • Josh

    But Vicki, it’s not just about friends or families. 90% of who I follow I don’t personally know, but I find what they say interesting. Like other pilots, tech sites, certain celebrities, baseball writers, etc.

  • vicki weber

    Thank you josh for that information.I will do it that way.


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