Kenny Discusses “I’m Alive”

posted July 29th, 2009 at 10:20 pm

by Josh Martn

Country Standard Time has some quotes from Kenny Chesney on his latest single “I’m Alive”:

“We all lead pretty amazing lives,” said Chesney. “The trick is to see what you’ve got… to count your blessings… rather than worrying about what you think you need.”

“It was never meant to be some kind of a message – except to maybe myself,” said Chesney. “I think when you go through stuff, even if it’s just an awful morning after a real good night, you consider how lucky you are to be where you are. That’s what the song is all about.”

“It’s funny, though. It’s one thing when Willie Nelson at 70 sings it, and something totally different when Dave and I do. One is from a place of really knowing; for us, it was more just the fact that we realize it.”

And for more insight on this song, here is Kenny’s liner note on “I’m Alive” from the Lucky Old Sun album:

This song was born on my boat with Mark Tamburino and Dean Dillon – late in the afternoon, actually, because we’d been out rambling around the island till about 4 am. Tambo had this melody that was really unique – and he just kept playing it over and over…. We’d promised some people we were gonna take them out on the boat, but you know that’s the night before…. When my captain Ben woke up the next morning, I asked him if he was alright and he said, “I’m Alive…” We wrote this song in about twenty minutes – because, you know, we all go through things that alter our lives, but we get through them…. I knew right then, that at a point, I was going to be okay. I didn’t know when. But I knew I was healthy; I had great friends. There were a lot of people who loved me and a lot of truth left to live. I was alive and that was a great place to start from. Thanks again Dave!

(hat tip to Rebecca)

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  • sosilly

    guess the song has many many stories of how it came to be

    Kenny Chesney talked to The Boot about the new hit he released to radio this week, featuring his buddy Dave Matthews.

    The most personal song (on the ‘Greatest Hits II’ album) is ‘I’m Alive,’ just because of where I was in my life when I wrote it … I wrote ‘I’m Alive’ after my breakup with Renée [Zellweger]. I woke up one day and realized, even though I’m going through all this stuff and don’t feel good about it, the outer shell of my life is really great. I’m alive; I get to make music; I’ve got a lot of great friends. That’s the message of the song.

  • robin

    i love that song it got me through some rough times one was when my 3yr old newphew drowned and came back long road a month then3 months later my dad died of a stroke bleeding in the brain. made me appreciate my 2 girls and my life alot more and know we are here only until god says it is time to go. it has given me stength in ways kenny u will never know.thank you all my love robin


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