Chesney Blasts Tabloid Report Linking Him to Jessica Simpson

posted July 29th, 2009 at 11:43 pm

by Josh Martn

On Wednesday, Star Magazine “reported” that Jessica Simpson flirted with Kenny Chesney at a 4th of July party and that was part of the reason for Tony Romo breaking off the relationship. Kenny wasted no time in refuting the rumors in an interview with People:

“Tony’s a friend, and I wouldn’t flirt with a buddy’s girlfriend,” Chesney tells PEOPLE. “More importantly, Jessica was just being sweet and there was nothing else to it. It’s not funny. There were no problems. Everybody got along great. After the party, everybody went their own way and nobody thought anything more about it. Period. End of story.”

The party was thrown by Chesney’s friend, Sean Payton, coach of pro football’s New Orleans Saints, Chesney says.

“If a girl and her boyfriend can’t go to someone’s house for a Fourth of July party and talk to the other guests without it turning into a big nightmare … , then I feel really sorry for Jessica and Tony, who’re both really nice people,” Chesney says. “I wonder if I wasn’t famous if anyone would even care. But the fact of the matter is I talked to a bunch of guests, hung out, had a good time.”

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  • vicki weber

    I have read up on this false article already.I do not blame kenny chesney for
    blasting back at star magazine.I hope that jessica simpson gets to blasting back at star magazine to for this false report.False reports like this can cause kenny chesney and jessica simpson to get a lawsuit going.There is no way kenny chesney and jessica simpson flirting with each other,they are not even dating at all.Kenny chesney has a girlfriend by the name of amy colley. if star magazine cannot tell the truth, back off of kenny chesney and jessica
    simpson.This is a false report that needs to be corrected with the truth.

  • vicki weber

    Kenny chesney, i hope that you are reading this comment from me.You did the right thing for blasting back at star need to be aware to look around you to avoid future false reports like this.Thingslike this can happen to you over and over again no matter where you go or what you do,this problem
    will follow you no matter what you will be caught doing.You need to be careful,be aware ofthis from happening,and look around you at all times to avoid these false reports coming your way.You did the right thing blasting the
    star magazine out.You did a good job.

  • Sharan

    It is really a shame that you have to feel the need to ‘blast’ back. I’m not sure which is worse/better…responding to such ludicrous allegations or not dignifying them with a response at all. I don’t envy the chair you sit in on that choice Kenny. If you are anything like the man you represent thru your music, no one that matters will pay attention to the trash anyway. ‘Break a leg’ Saturday in Seattle! I’ll be there in the front row!

  • vicki weber

    Kenny chesney, i hope that this comment gets back to you ASAP.You are back in the news with Star magazine again.Now Star magazine is saying that you and Jessica simpson are hanging out together at the beach and that you and jessica
    are getting a relationship going on.My comment is Do you have anything you want to say to that?Because i read about this in the Star magazine on august 1st 2009.I just wanted to let you know.

  • vicki weber

    I want everyone to know that kenny chesney really did blast back at star magazine on this un-true report.I have had contact with star magazine and i asked if kenny chesney really did blast back at the people at star magazine on
    this report on kenny chesney and jessica simpson story.I was told that this could not be discussed over the phone.Star magazine would not even put my comment in when i was letting everyone know that this is not true and to go to and read the truth from kenny chesney.when i pushed send.that message did not go on the star comment section at all.Kenny chesney is telling the truth.Do not get this star magazine at all.


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