Newsday Interview with Chesney on Tonight’s Jones Beach Show

posted June 24th, 2009 at 10:06 am

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by Josh Martn

Tonight’s show at Jones Beach will be the first time that Kenny Chesney has played at the venue. Long Island’s Newsday has an interview with Chesney:

“I’ve never played Jones Beach, and I thought I’d played everywhere,” Chesney said, calling from his Nashville home during a short tour break. “The first time’s always the best, right?”

Q – New York country fans don’t get to see their favorites very often. Why did you decide to come out here this time?

A – When you’re doing the road like I have for so many years – I’ve been on the road for 16 years – we’re trying not to repeat markets and if there’s any places we haven’t played, we want to get to them . . . For me, [New York] is great. But I have a different audience. I have a very eclectic group of people that might not go see somebody else in my genre. I think a lot of people in our audience live by the rule that we live by on the road: We work harder and we play harder.

Check out the rest of this interview here.

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  • Kay

    Loved this interview!


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