Kenny’s Camp Responds, Cameras Still Allowed

posted May 28th, 2009 at 5:21 pm

by Josh Martn

Jen passed along a message from the Kenny Chesney Fan Club with regards to the potential prohibition of cameras at shows that we posted about earlier today:

New message – Hey Gang! Want to clear something up! Yesterday, I posted a message…for 5 minutes tops at our message board ONLY. After posting, I received a call that they had decided to make a last ditch attempt to eliminate the recording of music at the shows and continue to allow cameras.

Cameras will be allowed at the shows for STILL photos only! However, if you are caught videoing with your camera or your cell phone…you are subject to lose them. Please help us keep cameras at the shows….by not using the recording devices on your electronic devices. We will have increased personnel at the shows helping us out with this, so we ask that all of you please let your fellow fans know that videoing is not allowed….if you happen to see them doing it at a show.

This is an ongoing problem…and we want you guys to be able to have photos to carry home…but not videos! Thanks for helping us out with this….

(hat tip to Jen for passing this along!)

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  • Jen

    Glad to share it, hopefully they’ll change it before tonight’s show cuz they put out a big No Cameras statement. I’m so ready for June 20th, 4th row on the floor with a 10 megapixel camera, holy crap my pics are gonna rock!

  • josh

    Wow you will have great pics. Be sure to share them with us!

  • Jen

    I’ll document the set list, text, make calls, take pics, I call it multi tasking. I’ll still take a few min here & there to just stare at Kenny in awe. I’m taking a picture book I got on shutterfly from my pics of him doing a Keg show in 2006, I’m sure he’d love to see it and sign it for me. My mom & aunt are going but they’re together 4 rows behind me lol, I wanted the best seat so I knew I’d have to sit alone which I have before! Mom and I have seen him several times but my aunt has never seen them, and I’m not telling them anything about the opener only they have to be in their seat!

  • Jen

    I’ve seen Miranda once & Kenny several times but not Lady A, Mom hasn’t seen Lady A or Miranda & I don’t think my aunt has seen any of them. 23 days & counting. I’ll text myself the set list from prepaid to my new flip verizon phone in between calls, that way I have each song in order.

  • Josh

    Good idea on the set list. Have a great time at the show!

  • Jen

    I will, the last time I saw Kenny was Sept 8, 2007 in Atlanta at a shed. My seat was so far back & over I had an obstructed screen view & couldn’t take many pics. This time I’m just dealing with people taller than me on the floor, lol! I’m only 5′ 4″ so I’m wearing inch thick flip flops. I got a bunch of Kenny sew on patches & put them on my denim capris with embroidered palm trees, ordered the white Corona shirt for this year, and I have puka shells, light up flip flop, lei, lanyard with ticket & my palm leaf Kenny hat to top it off. Maybe if I take a guitar & a KC stand up that’d get me closer, lol! J/k I have enough to keep up with already!

  • sosilly

    I had to laugh when Cheryl says ‘she posted it ONLY on the fan club board and only 5 minutes ago’……she was mad that other people off the board knew about it? Did she get in trouble. Bottom line is DO NOT post something UNtil you know it is 100%……

  • Andrea

    I don’t know about the camera situation BUT I do know that you must check out They have AMAZING seats for all the Chesney shows and they’re all priced at FACE VALUE. Especially for the show in CHICAGO on Saturday, the 13th! Plus, when you buy a ticket, you’re automatically donating to charity!! What could be better??


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