Chesney Instituting ‘No Cameras’ Policy?

posted May 28th, 2009 at 2:35 pm

by Josh Martn

Yesterday on the Kenny Chesney Fan Club message board, one of Kenny’s people posted the following message:

****Camera/Video Policy Change****
Hey Gang! Effective June 1st, 2009 folks will no longer be allowed to carry cameras into Kenny’s concerts. Cell phones and cameras with recording devices have made it impossible for us to honor our contractural obligations with our partners and record label of prohibiting recordings and such. The ones that have chosen to ignore all of the repeated request and warnings have left us with no other option but to enforce a NO Camera Policy at shows. As always, your bags will be checked at the door and you will NOT be allowed admittance with a camera in hand. To avoid long walks back to the parking lot, Please leave them in your vehicles. The security detail will be seizing any unauthorized cameras found inside the gates. Please help us make this transition an easy one. We know it isn’t an ideal situation, but our numerous request have gone unnoticed and this is our only way of stopping the unauthorized recording of Kenny’s shows it.

The post has since been taken down without explanation, so we are unsure whether or not this policy is actually going to be instituted. However, on the Atlanta Verizon Wireless Amphitheater page (where Kenny is playing tonight), it says “NO CAMERAS ALLOWED”.

Lately, concertgoers have reported that Kenny has gotten upset at fans who were filming him on video during the shows. One of our forum members even said that he was so flustered by one fan filming during “I Go Back” that he had trouble staying focused and was fumbling the lyrics through the remainder of the song.

Leave your thoughts on this policy in the comments section or on our forum.

(hat tip to Rosi for passing this along)

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  • niki

    Most of us take pictures so that we have a memory of that special night. We all know that it is over far too soon and many of us re-live the experience by looking at our pictures. This is really sad for the fans who don’t abuse the no video policy. Why can’t they make a video available of the concert you attend? I would be willing to pay for a video of the concert so that I can watch it to re-live the experience. He has a camera crew already there filming…just a thought. This way the fans still get what they want…a memory that can be watched over and over without violating his contractual obligations with his label.

  • Stephanie

    This is very upsetting and disappointing. My friend and I save all year so that we can go to Kenny’s concert and now the privilege of taking photos is taken away from us.
    I agree with Niki…they should offer video of the concert to relive the experience.
    If Kenny feels he needs to do this, can we bring our old 35mm or disposable cameras that can not record video???
    Kenny is not the only artist that is performing at his concerts, so we can’t take pics of the other acts that paid for.
    I truly hope this will be reconsidered.

  • Jen

    I think Kenny should hire his own personal security team to sweep the crowd for video recording before Kenny makes his entrance and keep sweeping throughout the show. If you’re caught with a recorded video you are kicked out and the camera is kept by the staff, they erase the video and mail the camera to the owner and they have to pay a fine. I finally got a 4th row floor ticket for the June 20th show and paid $400 for my Canon digital with the intent of taking several photos. I’m still attending the show but nowhere near as excited now as I was only 2 days ago. Normally it’s the other fans that make me cry, now it’s Kenny’s fault I’m crying.

  • Leeah

    “”One of our forum members even said that he was so flustered by one fan filming during “I Go Back” that he had trouble staying focused and was fumbling the lyrics through the remainder of the song””

    …Really? He can’t remember the words to his own song because somebody was filming? Maybe that’s what happened last summer when he fumbled around and royally screwed up “Old Blue Chair”. I’ve about had it with him, glad he lost EOTY to Carrie. I’m starting to see he cares 0 about his true fans.

  • Josh

    Leeah, I don’t think that’s fair at all. Just look at the Frisco makeup concert. He had fulfilled his obligation even though the show was cut short due to rain. He chose to come back to Frisco on his day off, spend tens of thousands of his own money to restage the show and get everything back there, so his fans could have the full show.

  • Jen

    New message – Hey Gang! Want to clear something up! Yesterday, i posted a message…for 5 minutes tops at our message board ONLY. After posting, I received a call that they had decided to make a last ditch attempt to eliminate the recording of music at the shows and continue to allow cameras.

    So…….for those of you that copied and pasted…please do not do that. This is a perfect situation of something that has gotten crazy when we can’t change everywhere that it has been transferred to at this time. We want all of you guys to each depend on dropping into that forum for OFFICIAL news…not carrying that out to the other forums and sites.

    Cameras will be allowed at the shows for STILL photos only! However, if you are caught videoing with your camera or your cell phone…you are subject to lose them. Please help us keep cameras at the shows….by not using the recording devices on your electronic devices. We will have increased personnel at the shows helping us out with this, so we ask that all of you please let your fellow fans know that videoing is not allowed….if you happen to see them doing it at a show.

    This is an ongoing problem…and we want you guys to be able to have photos to carry home…but not videos! Thanks for helping us out with this….

    Enjoy your shows-

  • Kristin

    Thank you Cheryl for posting your response! Thannk goodness – no pics of Kenny and the great artists he is bringing this year – would have been totally sad! Please everyone – listen to the policy and obey the rules so that you don’t ruin it for everyone else!

  • Kathy

    They stopped us from taking pictures throughout the show at Merriweather Post Pavilion last week. I took one picture of Lady Antebellum and they told me to put the camera away. They let us take pics during Miranda Lambert, but they stopped us when Kenny came on. They told us to put the camera away and that it was at the request of Kenny. It was disappointing because it was my birthday and I traveled 6 1/2 hours to see him and paid a lot of money to sit front row to have a great time with my sister who I never get to visit, only to be told to put my camera away or I would lose it. I could totally understand if they said something from the beginning. No one near me even tried to take videos, it was all pictures and they still stopped us. My ticket only says no video on it, we called about cameras ahead of time and we were told cameras without removable lenses were permitted.
    The show was still awesome and we had a great time and to tell you the truth, I did enjoy the show more not taking pictures, but I don’t think I’ll get front row standing at the stage again so I wish I could have gotten some nice shots of Kenny while I was there.

  • tub

    yea its me again, we were at the re-do concert in frisco on the 17th of may
    i dont understand how someone shooting a grade b video would infringe on his contractual obligations, but im not a lawyer either. ive always thought kenny was laid back-everythings cool kind of guy, but im starting to think diffrent. the only reason he was able to come back and do a “free” show is because people like my wife and i “mrs hot tub” have made him rich by buying his music like clockwork! so i dont feel sorry for him at all, also how do you fumble through the lyrics of your own song just because someone is filming you, arent your people there video taping too? everyone needs to take off thier skirts and quit crying about folks trying to keep some memories for everyone to share. i bought my tickets,BBQ, TEN DOLLAR BEERS,
    AND gas to get there 20 DOLLARS TO PARK, SO please dont come up and grab my camera!!!!!!!!!!


    I know how you all feel. i do not want my camera taken from me either.but
    if this happens to be the new policy at kenny’s request. Please do this so
    that no one will lose there camera’s. Think about the how kenny feel’s when
    this fan was videoing kenny during a song and causing kenny to miss up on his
    song’s.This is how it is with the paparazzi.And i guess this is how kenny
    feel’s about the camera policy. He does not want anymore paparazzi coming
    to his concert’s and having someone else make a false report on him.
    Show kenny some respect? put the camera’s away so no one loses them.


    It’s me again. I want to thank josh for giving leeah that message because
    kenny did just exactly that. Kenny did a good full concert in frisco, texas
    when he returned to frisco, texas. Kenny really does care about his fans.
    I am glad that kenny chesney has come out with this no camera policy.
    When he is getting videoed while he is singing,that is what messes kenny up
    on the lyrics to his song’s. This is like another paparazzi act on kenny.
    It’s no wonder he get’s upset on that at his concerts. Show kenny some
    respect. He does not need paparazzi coming to his concerts. put those cell
    phones and those video camera’s away. Show kenny chesney some respect.That
    way no one will lose their camera’s. Kenny is a good man. He is not bad at all.

  • Robert

    What’s wrong with low quality video for your own private use? I see no reason I shouldn’t be allowed to record a show I paid to see. I’m not posting it on the web, or selling it at the flea market. I only want to record small parts of certain songs FOR MY OWN USE. Memories are good, but sound and video are better. However, as one other poster said, I would BUY a video copy of the concert I attended, if it was offered for $40 or less. Until then, I will record my own low resolution video, or never buy another ticket. Their choice.

  • tub

    yes sir robert thats it in a nut shell ill record parts of a show i like for nothing more than a conversation piece later on or sell the ticket to someone else!!!!! and to you couple of girls that only comment when you feel someone says something to harsh about dear kenny. hes not going to give you JACK for doing it? so dont worry if someone else breaks out a camera, please dont hate then because they had the huevos to bring one and you are SCARED TO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tub

    yes sir robert thats it in a nut shell ill record parts of a show i like for nothing more than a conversation piece later on or sell the ticket to someone else!!!!! and to you couple of girls that only comment when you feel someone says something to harsh about dear kenny. hes not going to give you JACK for doing it? so dont worry if someone else breaks out a camera, please dont hate them because they had the huevos to bring one and you are TOO SCARED TO!!!!!!!!!!!!


    mr. hot tub? I want you to know that i have read your two comment’s to robert
    about his comment. My comment to you is not to judge a comment that came in
    from robert. And these two girl’s you have mentioned happen’s to be about me,
    myself and i. I have already put my comment’s in. Do not judge me on my two
    comment’s either. I am giving my support on his request. He has had enough
    of the problem’s with the paparazzi as it is. Why don’t you take kenny’s
    place on stage and see how it goes when you are singing and see how that
    videoing problem work’s on you. Let’s find out and see if you mess up on the
    lyric’s to your song’s. You would be upset over that to. Stop and think
    about that. MY two comment’s are showing my support to kenny. Do not judge me.

  • tub

    well, well, well, looks like a winner to me! look lady, i mean Mrs. Weber
    MY NAME IS GARY FEUDO. I call myself mr hot tub cause i got the shots of kenny and my wife in frisco tx. in the tub o.k. so we dubbed ourselves mr&mrs hot tub o.k. now you know who i am-well no you dont but thats cool-if you dont know you just dont know. anywhoo its not your fault. if your making comments at kennys request then mabye you know him ? if so tell him i said mabye its not the cameras that are messing him up? mabye its the foxys firewater rum? ever think of that? thought not. you write as if you know him and this guy robert like your best buds? i dont judge vikki ill leave that to GOD.what i do is call it like i see it o.k. and talk about support? did you say support kenny? the may 17 make up show was my SIXTH kenny chesney show!!!! smirnoff music center, american airlines center, and 3 times at pizza hut park. well 4 counting the make up show. so dont write me about support lady thats all we have done for 5-6 YEARS. IM JUST SAYING IF I PULL OUT MY CAMERA AT A SHOW NEXT TO YOU OR LEEAH, OR ANYBODY ELSE IN THIS GREAT STATE, JUST CLOSE THOSE LIPS AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS THE WHOLE SHOW WILL GO A LOT SMOOTHER. SEEMS LIKE YOU MIGHT JUMP RIGHT IN THE KOOL-AID BEFORE YOU SEE WHAT FLAVOR IT IS.BAD IDEA HERE IN TEXAS MRS. VIKKI WEBER. LET SECURITY DO THIER JOB-FOR GODS SAKE JUST ENJOY THE SHOW!!!!!


    Mr. hot tub. Thank’s for your comment to me. I am wishing you and mrs. hot
    tub the same. Good luck to you both on the comment line. I have seen the
    pictures of your wife with kenny. Those are good pictures. I am getting off
    of this comment line now. Have a nice day and enjoy the show to.

  • tub

    MRS.Weber i am truly sorry for previous comments made i didnt mean to be so mean about them. guess i went a little to far and i am truly sorry. please do not leave the comment room vicki, your words are just as valid as mine or anyone elses ma’am. so come on back and join the party please. we are both die hard kenny fans and we will always be, camera or not! sorry to everyone else also. i didnt mean to turn the room into an argument. sorry from texas. we can be crazy, but also, we are good at being gentelmen. sorry mrs. weber for not showing my manners to an obvious lady.


    Mr. hot tub. Thank’s for your apology you are forgiven. I do know kenny
    chesney just like everybody else. I am from texas to. What is getting me
    to know more about kenny chesney is because i dated kenny chesney on this
    unknown beach eleven year’s ago in my sleep. I have wrote to kenny about it.
    But we are not dating at all in real life. I want everyone to know about this.
    I am just a kenny chesney fan only and nothing more. But anyway thank’s for
    your apology mr. tub. By the way this is a kenny chesney comment line for
    fan’s to put their comment’s on about the no camera policy we cannot write
    each other like this. This comment line belong’s to kenny chesney to. I have
    to go now. Have a good day. And good luck to you and mrs. hot tub.


    Mr. tub. If you want to stay in touch, give me an e mail adderess. Have
    a good day.

  • Andrea

    Cameras are great but if you can’t capture it in pictures then you MUST be there which is why you must check out They have AMAZING seats for all the Chesney shows and they’re all priced at FACE VALUE. Especially for the show in CHICAGO on Saturday, the 13th! Plus, when you buy a ticket, you’re automatically donating to charity!! What could be better??

  • Laura

    While it would be great to have the opportunity to take pictures, I am going to go to the concert(s) for one reason TO ENJOY THE MUSIC!

    Although I love taking pictures, don’t get me wrong, it is very annoying having people stand up in front of you or hold their camera up high so they can get a shot. Not to mention how annoying all the flashes going off are.

  • vicki weber

    I am still wishing kenny chesney the best of luck on his tour dates. please
    put your camera’s away.

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    mm. interesting

  • Wit1016

    I think it’s wrong of stars to not allow for cameras, b/c of the amount we already pay for our tickets. There are millions of fans that buy their t-shirts, etc. They are making millions of dollars and in this economy if we spend our hard earned money to buy a ticket to see them, we should be able to take a picture or video if we’d like. Besides that would only give them more exposure. I like Kenny, but what is he thinking?


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