Kenny Picked Up The Tab for Frisco Redo

posted May 18th, 2009 at 3:23 pm

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by Josh Martn

Kenny Chesney went above and beyond last night in Frisco by not only playing a free show but by footing most of the bill to put the whole thing on. Billboard reports:

The considerable production tab for last night’s three-hour-plus show was “on Kenny’s dime,” says promoter Louis Messina, president of TMG/AEG Live. “In my whole career no other artist has ever done that,” he tells

Chesney featured his entire band and full production for the show, which “cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Messina says. “This is why this guy is the real entertainer of the year.”

The stadium, which is operated in a joint venture with AEG, covered its own expenses for the show, including staffing. “You had 25,000 people at the stadium having a good ol’ time, spending a lot of money, but still I’m sure they just made enough to cover their expenses,” says Messina. “They didn’t get rich off it. They were very cooperative.”

“Legally we did a show, we didn’t have to come back,” says Messina. “But Kenny felt like he had to come back. It was one heck of a party on a Sunday night,” he adds. “This is a story of what the music business should be about, not just greed. Here’s a guy that’s about the fans, about doing the right thing.”

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  • dana*

    Wow, what an awesome thing to do :) We love you Mister Chesney, and this is only one of the reasons why…….sure wish I could have been there…..


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