Frisco Concert Canceled Mid-Show Due To Weather

posted May 3rd, 2009 at 11:41 am

by Josh Martn

Saturday night’s Kenny Chesney concert at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco, Texas was canceled about 50 minutes into the show because of torrential rain and lightning.

“You know the weather’s lousy,” said Chesney, “but you look out, and the fans are hanging in there, having a good time. They’re in the rain, but they’re singing along – and you know they’re staying because they wanna see you. When you see that, there’s nothing in the world that’s gonna stop me from going on! If they wanna be part of the party that much, well, then, here we come. And it’s kinda like sports, the game doesn’t stop for a little rain. And once you get out on that stage and you start playing, that energy from the fans hits you. . . you see all those faces having such a great time, and I won’t say you don’t notice the rain, but you sure don’t care. The fans are there, they’re rocking, that’s all that you really sense.”

Fifty minutes into the set the amount of water that had fallen had threatened the integrity of the stage. With the tonnage from the speakers, equipment and cables, it was ruled unsafe for the band to continue.

Chesney altered the set list for the occasion, playing “There’s Something Sexy About The Rain”.

Looking at all those people soaked to the bone, having the time of their life through all that weather, all I saw was a lot of heart and a lot of passion for what we – all of us, me and them – were doing,” Chesney said. “If that’s not sexy, that being there through some really nasty weather, because they’d come to have a good time and nothing was going to stop them. So you wanna do something really special that marks this moment you’ve just shared, and “Something Sexy About The Rain” seemed the perfect song for the moment.

No official word yet on whether or not the show will be made up, but we’ve had some who attended the show tell us that it was announced that Kenny would be back in about 30 days at an indoor arena and prices would be discounted.

Update – Here is video of Kenny singing “Something Sexy About The Rain” (thanks to Cindy for passing this along):

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  • KA

    They did say that it would be rescheduled in about 30 days and to keep your ticket. Kenny’s website doesn’t mention this yet. I will be extremely unhappy if they don’t. The concert should’ve been called at the first sign of lightning. It was a mad house and I hope he never plays another concert there again. Every time I’ve been, Pizza Hut Park is extremely unorganized. It’s the worst venue I’ve seen a concert at!

  • nv

    I will say this there are a lot of yes and no’s going around right now on if he will be coming back in 30 days so im just hoping that it will be a yes cause 20 min is just not long enough for one of his shows. Some are saying that the rain was a drag but I think that the rain made the show 100 times better it was just a little cold. I had a blast and would do it over again rain and all if i had to. Please let me know if he is going to do another show in about 30 days.

  • CS

    I didn’t mind the rain at all. Before the torrential downpour it was pretty cool. It’s the lightning that was the scary thing. And KA, I haven’t ever had a problem with PHP before.

  • Cindy

    I hope he comes back but I don’t think we should have to pay again. Two years ago he played @ Pizza Hut Park & it rained almost the entire concert so hopefully he will look at other indoor facilities to book next time in Dallas.

  • Stephanie

    I drove 4 hours to see Kenny and the rain really disappointed me! I hope Kenny has another concert like he said and i hope the tickets are pretty cheap the gas is so expensive to get there and with the economy the way it is i had to save up to go…so I hope Kenny goes easy on us. We had 10 people in our group and spent over 1000 with gas food tickets parking hotel. I sure hope its not too expensive otherwise I probably wont get to see the full show! )=

  • DoolyTx

    It is all speculation at this point. I was also there and nothing was ever said about the tickets being discounted. We were told to keep our ticket stubs so one would have to think that we would use those when he comes back. The lst thing he said as he was leaving the stage is “We will be back”. I beleive that he will and I also beleive that he will take care of us who endured the Rain and lightening.

  • Steven & Morgan

    It was an amazing 50mins! … I hope he’s back soon as he said. I took my neice for her 21st birthday and we drove across the state to celebrate with Kenny front row.. I hope to make this up to her.

  • kjrey10

    They did announce at the concert the tickets will be discounted when he comes back…

  • jr

    This concert should have never taken place! Everyone get a whiff of that smell Saturday night? It was greed – Contractually, we heard, is that he needed to play for 1 hour for the concert to be official. So…discount tickets my a**! Almost $150 per ticket, he needs to set a date to return and honor the tickets that thousands of people spent big dollars on in a crappy economy or provide a full refund. Without that, he will loose a number of loyal fans, our group included. More importantly, he’ll lose a ton of respect.

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  • MC

    The concert was awesome for the 50 minutes we did have him. I go to see him every year and I do agree he should book AA instead of PHP. He did the 1st time I saw him. I don’t think it was about greed Saturday, I think Kenny really was trying. He didn’t have to stand out there in the pouring rain with us. I think they made the right decision calling it off when the lightening became an issue. With TX weather, I can’t see someone cancelling it ahead of time. The storms could have missed Frisco completely and people would be griping that he didn’t at least try. I always get my tickets thru the KCOFC and I was upgraded to the sand bar this year which was awesome. I was disappointed that the rain ruined the one time I will ever get to be by the stage. But it was great for that 50 minutes. We were right by the stage. Anyway, I will be going to see him when he returns. I don’t expect a refund because he did play for a little while. I do think though that the people in the sandbar should get the same opportunity for the make up show. Some people paid hundreds and hundreds of dollars, some people won their passes thru radio stations, etc. I did hear them say he would be back in 30 days, a covered venue, and discounted tickets.

  • Billsey57

    I gotta tell ya’..Kenny impressed me alot to continue to play during the torrential rain…that is dedication…I knew he would do the right thing and have a make up show…he is good man who is very dedicated to his fans.

  • Johanna

    Wow!!!! He’s amazing. It’s pouring rain and he stood out in the rain and sang for his fans until he was told it was too dangerous-impressive. There aren’t many celebrities who would do that. Not to mention his song chose. Lets be honest…it’s kenny chesney, he will provide another show because he realizes that people put so much of their hard earned money into tickets to his show-he will.

  • Glen Kuhta

    I don’t completely agree, but regardless a very well written post. I’ll link back from my NJ Birthday Party site, when I get time :) Cheers!

  • Olinda Middlebrooks


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