On The Market Again: Kenny and Girlfriend Reportedly Split

posted April 27th, 2009 at 10:06 pm

by Josh Martn

Reports are that Kenny Chesney and girlfriend Amy Colley have split up. They began dating in early Fall of last year and were featured in the December 15th edition of People Magazine. The Las Vegas Sun reports:

He recently dated former Miss Tennessee USA, Amy Colley, but reports that they broke up started swirling just days before Chesney came to Las Vegas, on April 21.

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  • Leslie

    I thought at the ACM’s he seemed really cold towards her. I never even saw them touch, and she looked like she was way out of place. I thought she was a really cute girl, but I thought she was a little young. Well, at least she’ll have lots of stories of her time with Kenny! She is a burn-unit nurse and she has her whole life ahead of her. I feel sorry for the next guy she dates, there is no way he can live up to Kenny!

    • Melinda Bocook

      Well I was reading one of kenny’s feed back moments, and he said he was a whore, So that clears up what Renee said.

  • lee

    No surprise. Kenny will never be a one woman man.

  • hannah

    i am so happy they split know he is mine lol!!!

  • Josh


  • BP

    He was with other girls while he was in vegas. Spotted with a brunette at Bon Jovi’s show and a blonde with big curly hair got on his bus several times the night of his show at Hard Rock. Amy most likely will be in and out. Who knows what their arrangement is.

  • heather

    I recall that he told Oprah any woman he dated would have to be on the road with him and I just don’t see how a burn unit nurse could manage that. I am not at all surprised to hear this though it does make me very happy to know that he is on the market again!

  • sosilly

    I think all of this is pure speculation.
    If you read the whole piece from the Las Vegas Sun, it insinuates Kenny is gay.
    There is a whole section about the concert goers at the Joint at the Hard Rock looked like they just came off Brokeback Mtn. The writer goes on to rehash Kenny’s comments to Playboy about the girls he has been with.
    Speculation all of it pure and simple.
    Amy will most probably be in Texas all weekend at those shows and then people will realize they are still a couple.
    Kenny always has girls around him and that means nothing. He has friends that are female, wives and girlfriends of others that come to the shows.

    Since no other site is picking is up but chesneyworld, I do not think there is any truth to the story.
    I am not trying to offend anyone

  • AJS

    Wikipedia mentions they broke up on April 21st.

  • Lor

    Did they really break up? Or is it another rumor. Was she in his new video “out last night”? Gonna go see him Aug. 13th in Ct. at the dodge center (formerly the meadows) God what I would give for 1 dam night! Has he ever responded to any fans? There’s and address but that’s a joke, like he’d really respond. Maybe if we start drinking Corona’s and eating sushie! If anyone has some good info, buzz me!

  • las

    Come on people, whether you like or not, Kenny is gay!

  • kches

    I heard she was at Jones beach with him. So maybe they are back together. A friend told me he kissed her on the side stage but she wipped the kiss off cause he was so sweaty. If that was me my tongue would of been down his throat…

  • kches

    I hope its true. I wish the best for Kenny but yet she is way too young for him. 17 years age difference is a big gap. 10 years would be more understandable. I understand these guys like younger girls but hey thats a big age difference. He was dating girls when she was just being born. Kinda sad I think.

  • Marion

    Hey, give the man a break……… if he is Gay, so what! He is the most down to earth entertainer there is. I was at that Las Vegas show at the Hard Rock anD if it is true he broke off with this girl…….It was the BEST concert of his I have ever been too!!! The concert startd at 8ish and ended at 12:30 he sang his set another set of all different singers…. It was AWESOME. And I will go to every concert I can, God willing. Keep on singing Kenny, you are the best!!!! Marion on ROUTE 66 KINGMAN, ARIZONA

  • vicki weber

    I want everyone to know that kenny chesney is not gay at all. Where is the
    proof of kenny being gay. Where did that information that kenny really is gay.
    Where are the photo’s at to proove that? There is no proof on that nowhere.
    This was a false report. Kenny chesney is not gay. He only love’s women. I do not know what caused the split up was about. But kenny is still off of the
    market. Kenny and amy colley are still together, Kenny chesney admitted that he and amy are still together. And stop with the false report’s? There is no
    proof at all on kenny is gay. He is not gay? This is a false report from the

  • vicki weber

    One more comment and i am done. If you all are true fan’s to kenny chesney,
    no one should be saying false rumor’s about him. This is all the “PAPARAZZI” wants. Another false report for everyone to read up on just to get everyone to
    believe it is all true but it is not. The same thing can happen to everyone,
    anywhere. Stop and think about that? How many false report’s did you all get so far in your life times. Alot of times i’m sure. IT is no fun is it? Kenny does not like these false report’s on him at all. He is not gay at all. We all
    should know that. There is no proof of him being gay any where. If you all are
    really true kenny chesney fan’s like me.no one should bring up these false
    report’s about kenny that are not true at all? Show kenny some respect?

  • Lisa

    He should be mine! What are the chances of him hooking up with a 41 yr old with 3 small kids from New York. I might not be 20 but i look good for 40. LOL. Seriously, when it is time to settle down for real you need someone closer to your age. What can he really have in common with someone practically 20 years his junior. She might be nice eye candy and a pretty trophy for the arm but it can’t last.

    I saw him just a few weeks ago at Jones Beach, he has such nice eye, great smile, love the cowboy hat, and he has the cutest butt I ever saw in tight jeans! Oh and the concert was great too.

  • Jetsetter

    They’re still together. I spoke to her yesterday and I can say with certainty they have not broken up.

  • Josh

    Thanks for letting us know Jetsetter. Keep us updated.

  • demita

    WOW..is everyone, well not everyone, “but some” and i will not mention any names, but these comment’s are a disgrace to kenny, i can assure everyone that kenny is 100% NOT gay to start off with, and him and amy are a couple, and my opinion..(there like assholes everyone has 1)ok..now my opinion is if kenny was to marry amy who’s business would that be??? (KENNY CHESNEY) i did not drop on here to offend anyone or be mean to anyone, i look at it this way, if the man is happy, be happy for him, i know it’s every woman’s dream to be with kenny (well not every woman)if he has a g/f wife/fiance/ etc. that would not make him any different on who he is..he is and alway’s will be kenny chesney in my eye’s no matter what he is doing with his personal life.

  • Donna Price

    I hate to sound mean but I do hope they broke up.I think he needs me.I am his age and am more in tune to what life means at this age.Sure all men want a arm trophy but that isn’t gonna make anybody haPpy but for so long (20years) He seems to have such a great heart but something IS missing and It is me. I prayed for a chance to meet him ,not as a fan but as a person. Sure I am a fan but an equal person too. I got a chance when I went to his concert at biloxi mississippi. I saw him riding his bike earlier in the day the day of the concert but didn’t stop. I felt like I would be invading his privacy. That was my golden oppurtunity and I passed. I feel so bad about it.

  • Donna Price

    Ithink I could make kenny very happy I am not a bad arm trophy either I hope I get a chance to do that. I mean that in the purest since there is. Spend time together teach each other things about life. It is what you make it and life is short enjoy everthing God has given you

  • Matthew Johnson

    love you

  • Matthew Johnson

    i like you

  • Matthew Johnson


  • Kenny Chesney Friend

    Read all your comments and first, if she is a burn unit nurse, she is a blessing to many people, not just Kenny Chesney (and I happen to like Chesneys music) at 24 years old she has a lot to do and that includes falling in love again and having a family. I think Kenny is really not a loving man. I think he enjoys playing house and in love, ut, deep down he is a sad man. That make me sad because I really just realized that this man will never find true love. He will look all his life for it and never really find it. He is blocked or has a fear. He must be really tight in his box like he said on Oprah, sounds like he needs to leave home. He said he puts “every thing in a box to protect it” ie: mine mine all mine. hmm makes you think about how everyone lives their life huh. Good thing its the USA!

  • Kenny Chesney Friend

    and I just looked at her pictures again, KENNY YOU OUT OF YOU MIND! Foolish old man. She is a beauty. After all this time, ITS YOU HUNNY. UGH! SHe will have no problem and it’s a good thing you have your music. Get out of that box you talk about.

    • Maganj95

      Hey u can’t decide who he can or can’t date I know Amy and him r a cute couple but u can’t stay with someone u dont love so if u really r a Kenny chesney fan shutup and let him do what he wants to if he relizes he wants Amy he will came back to her okay

  • Rella

    Awh…so many people so envious…well love is such a hard thing to find when he is in the position he is in…music is his love…he loves his music and well when he does decide to finally settle down he’ll let everyone know…his personal life is his to lead and he has the best person behind him guiding him everyday…as for his fans they are his friends…and they should respect him for him…so what if he is going through women…all men do that until they find the one that makes them numb or weak to the knees…so if he hasn’t found that with Amy or Jenn then it’ll come…. he just has to be patient…for patience is a virture….and we’ll all of us need to learn that one including me…lol…I’m sure Kenny gets a big laugh out of what his fans have to say…I know I do….lol…While he’s been off searching for things he has stayed true to his work and heart…he pays 100 people of his crew still… even when he’s off enjoying life and all it has to offer….he’s #1 in my book….and I’m sorry for Amy cause I’m sure she did like’m alot..and heck she know him better than anyone..she had two long years with him….that should say something…that he does hold on till he knows when its gone..for true love is what I can’t wait to find…and I know Kenny feels the same way….Beeing able to go fishing, hunting, surfing, swimming, hiking or boating…or anything together with the one you love is priceless….you can’t put any money on that….and well Amy was and is a very lucky young girl…..Kenny was just the begining for her….I wish her well….and Jenn to….And all his lady friends that are so in love with him…Good luck….and Kenny this is for you…you do what you want and dont worry about what people say it’s just gossip….and well who likes that…..bp

  • robin

    it seems like when he goes to vegas he just goes out of control

  • Alicemariasimmons

    Hi I think Kenny is just not ready to get into a serious relationship at this time. The things he went through really hurt and all those rumers about him being GAY Those Ill never believe. Kenny is not GAY PERIOD. Hes just not ready for serious things like marriage or kids at this time.

  • Alicemariasimmons

    Kenny is also my favorite singer and a great guy.

  • Honesty

    Not surpirsed but too bad! Someone needs to settle him down!


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