Chesney Filming New Video In Miami

posted March 14th, 2009 at 10:44 pm

by Josh Martn

Reportedly Kenny Chesney was at Miami’s South Beach on Friday filming a new video:

In an extremely rare moment, country music mega superstar Kenny Chesney was seen without his hat last night (March 13).

The extraordinarily elusive singer is rarely seen at all let alone without his trademark cowboy hat on, however, while filming a music video on Miami’s South Beach, Kenny slipped up and exposed his receding dome for but a few seconds between takes.

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  • nathan


  • nathan


  • dl

    whose the cute guy sitting in the photo with kenny and two models they should use him more

  • granny

    you people are sick..this is one sexy straight mam!!!

  • Erin Newton

    Still love him – he’s awesome!

  • Katiereed12

    Awe! Leave my baby alone :) Good heart/ tunes & love of the ocean… Get over no hair or take a pic of your perfect selves & post.. Can you imagine, never gets a moment to just “be”. Love me some Kenny. :)

  • Indigodragonfly67

    He looks great with or without hat! Be as you are….

  • Wardpudge

    Hair does not make the man!…I think this thing with perfection being a big bushy head of hair on a man, or a size 2 for a woman-and that being double D’s on that size 2,, is a bunch of crap!…A man can be a man, with or without hair,  Kenny looks great either way…I love his voice, and his songs, they mean something…People need to get over it…Love you Kenny!


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