Chesney and Girlfriend in People Magazine

posted December 5th, 2008 at 10:09 am

by Josh Martn

We reported a couple weeks ago about Kenny Chesney and his girlfriend Amy Colley. The couple are featured in the December 15th issue of People Magazine:

Country superstar Kenny Chesney, 40, sings about his 2005 annulment from Renee Zellweger on his new album Lucky Old Sun, but in real life he’s moved on. The young lady is Amy Colley, a 24-year-old burn-unit nurse and 2005 Miss Tennessee USA winner. After meeting this summer through pals, the pair have since vacationed together in Las Vegas, Malibu, and the Bahamas and even swapped Thanksgiving visits with family, says a source who knows Colley. How serious are they? Adds the source: “She’s driving his truck!”

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  • Kenny Chesney

    I saw Kenny Chesney is St John in September 2008….he was rude, I was standing right beside him and he wouldn’t even say hello. I was not the right age for him to say hello…he was talking to all the women in there 20’s….but Kenny needs to remember who is buying those all those high dollar seats at his concerts….the old women…LOL

    Anyway….before seeing him in St John I went to most of his concerts…but after him being so rude… more concerts.

  • D. Cat

    Why would he say hello to you?? I’m confused.. just because you buy concert tickets now he has to come introduce himself to you? How in the world would he get through his day if he had to go around introducing himself to everyone? Get over yourself.

  • AZ

    Thank you D. Cat, I was thinking the same thing.

  • Summer69

    Hey Ladies, I just found this sight and would like to weigh in on your comments. I certainly see both points. I know that I would be hurt if I was standing right by him & he didn’t acknowledge my presents with a simple smile or hello that’s just showing kindness, but on the other hand you have to prepare yourself that sometimes the reality just doesn’t measure up to your fantasy of that person. Most of the time we protray these entertainers as perfect but their human and their men. I just turned 40 and I know that I can’t compete with those girls in their 20’s but I can honestly say that he doesn’t realize what he’s missing if the 20’s is all he’s looking for. I’ve never met him but I’m a fan/supporter for life.

  • bsure43

    Well, I turned the tables and happen to have a husband who is 18 years younger than me! We have been together for more than a few years and we are still madly in love!

    I don’t know this guy apart from his music, but I would be polite enough to ackowledge someone standing next to me. (Especially if he took time to deliberately socialize with everyone else surrounding him, but that one person). That’s just rude!!! It would be different if he wasn’t paying attention to anybody but his immediate friends, but rude “excusism” is poor form no doubt about it!

  • irondan

    My wife and I met Kenny a few years back at the Beach Bar in St John. We were across the bar from him and his group…we knew the bartender from going down there for years…Kenny came behind the bar..bought us a drink(s) and talked with us for a while.

    He could not have been nicer. (we arent in our 20’s btw) so maybe you caught him at a bad time…or maybe it was how you went about it.

  • mustangapril

    I couldn’t agree with you more irondan! I met Kenny many years ago and partied with him and his band after the concert. I received free drinks and Kenny couldn’t have been a more gracious person. He thanked me several times for attending his concert, gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He is so down to earth that I find it hard to believe that he would ignore someone on purpose. People need to realize he is a hot star now meaning very successful. He has THOUSANDS of people at his concerts. Also, to the lady that went to the concert in St. John, did you REALLY think you had a chance with him? Do you know how many girls want that “chance” with him? Love happens when it happens. However, if you were just wanting a fling with him well…that doesn’t make you look good.

  • Jessica Pribble

    that was so Cool they are so cute tell Kenny i like him to you guys look great
    from Jessica Pribble

  • Johndemory35

    Cool good looking couple

  • Sarah

    i absolutely love KC but why a 24 yr old thats just weird dont ya think oh well


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