Chesney Is Dating Former Miss Tennessee

posted November 25th, 2008 at 6:52 pm

by Josh Martn

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Kenny Chesney has been dating 24 year old beauty queen Amy Colley (pictured right) the past four months:

The rocker ex-husband of Renee Zellweger has been dating the Miss Tennessee 2005 winner for the past four months.

Friends say the couple, which stepped out together at the Country Music Awards on November 12, is already so close, Chesney has met with 24-year-old Colley’s parents.

And the pair has enjoyed a romantic vacation in the Caribbean.

A source tells Star magazine, “Kenny is crazy about her. A mutual friend introduced them, and they hit it off right away.”

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  • girlsspot

    cutie girl and my dream lover.

  • gloria

    I was completely shocked. I wish, pray and hope nothing but the worst for the two.

  • Linz

    I was horrified! Oh well, It’ll end soon enough, he’ll go out on the road, she won’t be able to deal, they’ll break up and all will be good again. Lets just hope it comes faster than that so she doesn’t have time to get knocked up and trap him.
    Him and I will meet soon enough and that’ll be it for him. Until then, he can have his fun, but He won’t settle. It’s not in his nature.

  • christina

    just from reading the comments above i personally think he is lucky to have met her she is a wonderful girl very nice n nonjudgemental everyone is just jealous

  • Denise

    I hope he does settle down with her then maybe everyone will quit talking about him being gay. He deserves the best. I hope she is it.

  • Dana

    oh yeah, I surely am jealous!! No doubt about that lol, but I still do want whats best for Kenny, and I do not think that this 24 year old can possibly whats best. Age difference is one thing, and 10 years I could understand, but come on…what can they have in common?? Unless she is an “old southern soul”…lol..then I guess I could see Kenny falling for her “deer in the headlights” look . Just my opinion, I also think its time for Kenny to settle down a bit and start a family; ummmm, I’m up here in Michgan next time he comes this way I could surely help him with that!

  • sad

    I wish them both the best despite the huge age difference. I actually had back stage passes to meet Kenny 2 years ago. His roadies gave them to me and my friends at a concert. But oops! We never even got to see him or his band. It was a great concert with sugarland opening. And despite he’s an incredible entertainer that left me angry that they said we would meet him. Oh yeah it was just a line up of girls that he picked 1 out of us out of 4 the night and didn’t even say hello to any of us. Bad for pr Kenny! Love your music but sad about your behavior towards your fans! Tim, Garth & George straiht wouldn’t have done that!

  • Megan

    Hey I was reading the comments above and i just wanted to say Kenny is not gay at all, he is a great person and is full of that Tennessee spirit!!

    I know you all wont believe this but my grandfathers sister, Evelen,
    is dating Kennys Dad, David Chesney, my family has never met Kenny
    or is dad or mom yet but hopefully we will since we are practicly almost
    family.I went to his Flip Flop Tour in Tampa and we tried to give him
    a note but the body guards would’t let us,he was giving out a guitar
    to the winner of this thing that we had had to fill out our name and they
    pick a name out of it. If you know Kenny please tell him about this message
    my grandfathers name is Winford, he is Evelens brother.
    Kenny if you see this please believe me, im not lying just ask
    your Dad and I would like to meet you one day any time
    your not working of have free time!

    My name is Megan, sister:Heather brother:Devin Mom:Karen Dad:David
    We live in High Springs Florida

    PS: I am only 11 years old about to be twelve and my parents
    are not getting along to well, they may get divorced
    and good luck singing all of your cool songs!!

  • Mixed Feelings

    What?! She’s ugly!! I’m prettier than she is! And she’s too young for him. Okay, she’s not ugly and I’m actually (half) glad she looks pretty normal. I’d hate to see him with some fake looking chick. And he’s a free spirit and she being young probably fits him better than someone past their prime (like me)! I love him no matter what and as long as he keeps singing to me..well, I guess I won’t hate her… too much.

  • jill

    kenny me and my sister just love you .im glad uhave found a wonderful women .the way ithink every one needs a kenny in there life. my loveing husband name is sister and i wish u the best and i will see u in july putting on the best dame show around. your fan jill

  • Jen

    I wish I could meet him, I only gave him my lei at a Keg show and never got to say anything (other than a funny comment in 2003 planned fc chat) to him. I’m practically 27 (this Oct) and taking college classes & working hard toward my dream of web design development with some graphic design on the side. My mom worked in the school cafeteria and my dad is a trucker, so I’m already acclimated to the road. I may be a girl but I enjoy boating & watching baseball & Vols football as much as Kenny. Maybe I should start going to more Red Sox or Vols games. I grew up in GA, live in MN for now with plans to be living in TN asap, like after I repay mom all the stupid missed car payments & have enough $ to survive.

  • Omar Bradley

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