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posted August 25th, 2008 at 2:11 pm

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by Josh Martn

An article in the Los Angeles Chronicle discusses the partnership between Kenny Chesney and Corono:

In the spring, Chesney’s single “Don’t Blink” remained at No. 1 for four straight weeks, raising expectations that attendance for the summer’s “Poets & Pirates Tour” would peak even higher than the 1.2 million fans who attended his “Flip Flop Summer Tour” of 2007. Extra draw was supplied by adding LeAnn Rimes to the bill along with Gary Allan, Big & Rich, Brooks & Dunn, Sammy Hagar and Keith Urban on selected dates, plus Chesney’s “Next Big Star” contest that allowed local acts to vie for the chance to open the show in their hometown and even play the final weekend of the tour.

“Kenny Chesney is, in terms of attendance, the top touring act in North America over the past five years, in any genre,” said Ray Waddell, Executive Director of Content and Programming, Touring and Live Entertainment, Billboard. “As the impact of traditional advertising models decreases, sponsors are increasingly looking to live music as a way to reach consumers in an efficient, targeted manner. Country Music fans are very highly regarded by brands as loyal, active consumers. Given the images of both, in my opinion, Chesney and Corona are a natural fit.”

The partnership that Chesney inked with Corona doesn’t end Sept. 13, when he plays his last date on this tour in Indianapolis. “This will be a seven-year deal, including a five-year tour sponsorship,” said Clint Higham, VP, Morris Management Group, which manages Chesney. “We already filmed the first two commercials down in Tulum, Mexico, a few months ago.”

“We approached Kenny’s team a while back about the idea of exploring various projects that might be a good fit for both Kenny and Corona,” said Timm Amundson, VP of Marketing, Corona Extra and Corona Light for Crown Imports. “As we began these discussions, it became very clear in very short order that this would be a perfect fit for both parties. And we just kicked things off this year.”

“The term ‘partnership’ really is the most accurate description of the relationship between Kenny and Corona in that it goes well beyond your standard tour sponsorship,” Amundson continued. “The partnership involves a whole range of activities, including advertising campaigns, digital initiatives and retail programs. In fact, we introduced the TV commercials with Kenny this spring.”

“Corona is something Kenny has always been identified with,” Higham added. “They are selling the same message we are. They get our vision and we get theirs as well: Corona personifies escape.”

Chesney was fully onboard with the idea from the start. “If you want to capture my audience, the thing that stands out is their ability to have more fun in a single day than most people have in a month,” he said. “Corona is part of those relaxed, hanging-out-with-your-buddies kinds of days.”

Read the entire article here.

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